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Gargoyle CrossFit began as a garage gym and over the past years has outgrown its two car garage.  When taking the leap to expand, we had to incorporate a new name.  Through countless suggestions, our son approached us with Gargoyle, the legendary protectors over cathedrals and temples.  Since our bodies are our temples, the name Gargoyle seemed fitting "Protect Your Temple". 

Here at Gargoyle CrossFit we strive to enhance your quality of life, performance, strength, and overall health through a positive guided atmosphere.  Your body is your temple, so let Gargoyle CrossFit help you protect it.

Coach Dee


CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Weightlifting


Started CrossFit in the start of 2011, I was active playing basketball in local leagues during my younger days. A knee injury stopped my love of the sport. CrossFit replaced the active competitiveness and gave me a new found passion in fitness.  I am now able to help and inspire people from every walk of life through CrossFit

Jen "Boss Lady"

Office/Finance  Manager


A previous CrossFitter with a BA in Finance with minor in Business Management. I oversee the office and memberships. I enjoy motivating our members, setting up events and occasionally joining in a CrossFit class or two. 

Coach Nathan

CrossFit Coach Intern

Equipment Manager


Started CrossFit in 2011. I am driven in all aspects of fitness. Working towards achieving my CF Level 1 Cert but in the meantime I am having a blast shadowing and coaching at the box. I enjoy helping my fellow Gargoyles at the box.

Coach Elise

CrossFit Level 1

I’m a full time nurse and an avid obstacle course racer. I love all things health and fitness and value holistic healthcare above all else. I’ve been coaching since 2015, boot camps,HIIT classes, and Obstacle workouts as well as Olympic Weightlifting but I have found my passion in CrossFit. I’m here to help you discover how it feels to move your body well and with power. As I always say- We got this!

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